• Artyom Mokretsov
    Artyom Mokretsov
    Basic Java
    I took the Basic Java and Advanced Java course organized by DevEducation. Our classes coincided with quarantine, but, despite this, the classes were organized and conducted in the same volume as originally announced. Lectures were given by different teachers, depending on topics and specialization. The theoretical blocks were supported by practical assignments. There was a lot of practice, which made it easier to apply and understand the material received during the lectures. The teachers were easy to reach and accessible all the time, helped, motivated, answered questions. The courses provide a good basis for the further development of skills and abilities.
  • Mariia Spivak
    Mariia Spivak
    I graduated from the DevEducation course in Java. Immediately after completing the course, I was invited for an interview with a company, which I successfully passed, and now I am finishing my probationary period. It is very valuable that the courses were taught by guys who work as developers. They shared invaluable experience and knowledge, were always in touch and answered all the questions that came up. After the first lesson, we already started to practice, and at the end of the course we created a whole project as a team. The school really promotes real IT specialists and gives a chance for interesting and promising work.
  • Anastasia Koval
    Anastasia Koval
    Project Management
    I found out about courses from DevEducation through their instagram page. During my studies, there were many new things for me. Some stuff was absolutely unknown, but İ knew a few things already and thanks to the courses I deepened my knowledge. The course is very condensed, in just 5 weeks we managed to go through what one would normally do in a year of study. Everything that we learned was very practical, not theory, but taken from real situations. This is due to the fact that all the teachers are acting PMs in different companies. I am grateful for the experience they gave us.
  • Stanislav Kislov
    Stanislav Kislov
    Project Management
    I learned more about Project Management in 5 weeks than in the last 5 years. Imagine that you are participating in an IT conference, every day there are speakers + every week you are speaking yourself, defending your personal project. For 5 weeks in a row. Constantly on the verge between physical, emotional burnout and drive. At the same time, you understand that in 24 hours you manage to do much more than you did before, and you only set and push boundaries yourself. This happens surrounded by the same energetic students. I felt like I had sent a rocket into space after completing each course and anticipated each course after with the same excitement!
  • Alexey Zayarsky
    Alexey Zayarsky
    Mobile / Project Manager
    I managed to work as a courier in a delivery service, managing an Internet cafe and even a director of a quest room, but I always knew that I wanted more. I signed up for DevEducation courses. While the course was going on, I devoted all my time to learning and self-realization. Changing your life and changing your profession is a challenge in itself. Today I work for WizardsDev, a large IT company, as a Project Manager. I am grateful for the opportunity these courses have given me. Now I am helping the same purposeful guys myself, sharing my knowledge and experience gained in the process of work.
  • Anastasia Chugaeva
    Anastasia Chugaeva
    WebApp / Quality Assurance Engineer
    "Anastasia, a graduate of DevEducation, is a good example of determination and perseverance to achieve her goal. She currently holds the position of Quality Assurance Engineer in a large international company. During the course, Anastasia learned to take the initiative, as well as be a QA Lead. Thanks to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, she was able to complete an internship at the end of the course. After 3 months she received a full-fledged offer of cooperation. "
  • Yan Fedun
    Yan Fedun
    Course QA/AT
    I went to DevEducation on the advice of a friend who'd already completed his training and got a job at WizardsDev, a large IT company. The most valuable aspect of the course is the teaching staff who care about you and are always ready to support you. You’ll also feel like a specialist from the very first days of training, because you get involved right away and contribute to real IT projects!
  • Dmitrii Vasilina
    Dmitrii Vasilina
    Course QA/AT
    It took me a long time to decide on an IT course, and in the end I chose DevEducation. That's because they help you to create a solid foundation of knowledge! After the first lessons, I began practicing a lot, building up my expertise, and developing my teamworking skills. Now I have everything I need to have a shot in the large IT companies!

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