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    Duration 2 months

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    Intensity 5 lessons per week

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    Class time 4 hours a day

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    Study grant Covers 85% of the course cost:
    The student pays 1200 uah/month

Course description

Learn from this intensive FrontEnd development course with an emphasis on solving the most common tasks of modern web projects. Principles of the course: for students, employing teamwork to implement complex multi-level tasks. For teachers: mentoring, aiding in relevant homework, highlighting important aspects of each section, and offering help and support.

The course is conducted by leading developers of IT companies with experience in developing large web applications. Teachers use their practical experience to help students learn the basic principles of programming in order to build a successful career in the IT field. Throughout the training, students participate in engaging tasks, hackathons, and master classes. Towards the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to participate in a large project incorporating all of the material covered.

Profile of an Ideal Student
Don't hesitate to apply to the course if everything you see below is about you!
Your Soft Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptivity and willingness to change
  • Interest in IT and focus on research
What You Know and Can Do
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics
  • Development tools
  • Experience in network configuration
  • Unit testing
  • Fast information retrieval
  • Understanding of client/server applications
  • Object-oriented programming principles
You are a perfect candidate if
  • You are analytic
  • You are a student or graduate
  • You want to boost your career or improve your skills
  • You are observant, detail-oriented, and organised

Course program

  1. 1. Intro
    • Overview of programming languages, their purpose, and fundamental differences
    • History of creation and development of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  2. 2. JS core
    • Data types. JavaScript statements
    • Cycles. Functions (closure, recursion). Arrays Objects
    • OOP. Basic principles. Prototype Model
    • The descriptor of the project’s properties. Functions Generators
    • Asynchronous model (Promise, async / await)
    • ES Specifications (ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8)
  3. 3. Web
    • Structure of the document. Basic tags, attributes. DOM
    • CSS, CSSOM
    • BEM Methodology
    • Preprocessors (LESS, SASS)
    • HTML5. SVG. Canvas
    • Working with LocalStorage API
    • HTTP. REST. AJAX. WebSocket
  4. 4. VСS
    • Version Control System Overview
    • Git. Basic commands
  5. 5. Databases
    • Relational Databases (NoSql, ORM)
  6. 6. Development methodology
    • Agile. Waterfall. Scrum. Kanban
    • CI/CD. Teamcity
  7. 7. Testing
    • TDD methodology. TDD principles
    •  BDD methodology. The concept of FIRST
    • Unit Tests (Mocha, Jest, Sinon, Chai)
  8. 8. React
    • Babel
    • ReactJS
    • Webpack
    • Architectural approaches in the development of applications (MVC, MVP, MVVM)
    • Building architecture of the application using libraries Redux, Saga

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