Base course (JavaScript)
JavaScript is used to develop full-fledged Internet products - from websites to web applications. The demand for programmers in this area is very high because almost every company has development tasks. This is a highly paid and in-demand profession.
Mobile Xamarin
Learning native development for iOS and Android to create modern and high-quality cross-platform applications using Xamarin Native.
Base course (Java)
You will learn Java terminology and syntax, learn how to write clean code, using modern software development methodologies.
Mobile React Native
Mobile React Native is a great solution that helps develop native applications for mobile devices in even less time than it would take to create an equivalent application in Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android).
The course is an introduction to the current web development of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
Base course (C#)
The course will introduce you to programming, basic concepts and concepts, and lay the foundation on which the rest of the training will be based.
A practical course covering all the basic concepts used in software testing. Learn about input, manual testing and the basics of automation.
The course will give you a complete picture of American accounting and will immerse you in the specifics of accounting for small and medium-sized businesses of various industries.
Project Management
The Project Management course is designed for professionals who want to move up in the corporate world, expand their knowledge, and become better qualified individuals. 

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